Department of Secretarial Practice

VISION: In Pursuit of Academic Excellence.

MISSION: Striving for Success.


  • At the end of the programme a student of Secretarial Practice is expected to acquire a fairly reasonable competence in the following areas:
  • Secretarial skills and Soft-Skills for performing job-related tasks.
  • Use English confidently for both spoken and written communication as well as be able to handle correspondence independently.
  • Make presentation using audio-visual aids.
  • Gain knowledge of basic Accountancy
  • Knowledgeable in handling accounting package like Tally.ERP9 with GST.
  • Develop an understanding of Stock Market and Personal Investment Planning, Computation of Personal Tax
  • Able to operate the following Window-based Computer Applications- MS-Word, MS-Excel, Advanced Excel, MS PowerPoint, Video making in PPT, Adobe InDesign, Photoshop CC & Multi Media in general.
  • Knowledge of Google Apps


  • Able to work harmoniously as a contributing member of a team to achieve organizational goals.
  • Competent to present effectively using Audio- visual aids
  • Students acquire adequate knowledge of computer applications
  • They are able to work as an Accountant since they learn basics of Accountancy and Tally with GST
  • Knowledge of Soft skills helps them to get priority in acquiring jobs
  • Language based skills makes the students to communicate confidently and work efficiently

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Faculty Members

Ranjini M.
Vidya Bhat
Shaila Kamath