Department of Sanskrit


  • Imparting in-depth knowledge of the Sanskrit literature, beyond what is there in the textbook.
  • Creating awareness about the ancient Sanskrit language among the youth of the country.
  • Ensure that our students are aware of the rich history and culture of both Sanskrit language and India.
  • Try to prepare our students for higher studies and employment.
  • Developing good speaking skills and self-confidence, and make the students realize the fruits of perseverance.
  • Prepare students to understand the problems of the society and develop social responsibility and good morals.


  • To improve interest of the youth towards the most ancient language and promote its usage.
  • Conducting competitions and seminars to those students get efficient in reading, writing and understanding the language.
  • To increase the knowledge of the students boost their memory power through the ancient Sanskrit language.
  • To diminish distraction and enlighten them through the philosophy that Sanskrit provide.
  • To apply the principles of "असतो मा सद्गमय ", which means "Lead us from ignorance to knowledge"
  • To preserve the language that gave birth to many languages and make sure that there is universal growth of studies.

Faculty Member

Vijaya Kumari