Department of Commerce & Business Administration


  • To provide locally relevant and globally competitive business education to lead meaningful, socially responsive and morally befitting life.


  • To enhance physical, mental, intellectual, social and spiritual wellbeing.
  • To enhance leadership potential and teamwork through curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities
  • To strengthen industry-institution collaboration through functional MOU s for skill development and placement support.
  • To provide learner- centric environment to unleash the full potential within every student.


  • Update and strengthen curricular with certificate courses and enrichment activities.
  • Motivate students to embrace ICT
  • Encourage faculty and students to adopt hybrid system of teaching and learning.
  • Create, build, nurture, sustain, imaginative, creative and innovative experiential learning environment.
  • To provide well exposed and well guided practical experience through industrial visits, internships, and project report.
  • To cultivate service learning through community engagement student learning experiences and outcomes.
  • To provide platform for outdoor and peer level learning.

Faculty Members

S.Syed Kahdar
Latha Hebbar M. S.
Deekshitha T. S.
Shobhitha T. S.
Asha Deepa Pai
Ganesh Sunder K G
Praveen Kumar K. C.