Department of Physical Education

The Department of Physical Education and sports is committed to the promotion of Physical, Mental, and Competition-oriented Physical Activity and Sports for the overall development of the student community. The main focus of physical education is to develop physical competence and basic movement perfection with safety, and by utilizing these abilities one can perform a wide range of activities resultant to improve healthy lifestyle and well-being. Because regular participation in physical activity has to reduce the symptoms of depression, anxiety, anger, tension, and stress and to improve positive mood state.

The positive impact of physical activity on an individual is sharing, working together, which helps to strengthen relationships with his or her peers or teammates. Physical education programs aim to teach basic fundamental motor skills and their application in games and sports meaningfully.

The Department of Physical Education is dedicated to providing pathways for budding sportspersons to achieve sports excellence at the national and international levels by conducting and participating in Various Competitions.  


  • To create an environment that allows students to understand and to display cooperative social skills, teamwork, interaction, leadership quality, positive attitude, self–esteem, sportsmanship, enjoyment, and focus on the goal.


  • Transforming the hidden potentialities and talents of the students.
  • Cultivate critical thinking that can spark creativity and innovation.
  • To give all students opportunities and experiences that lead to the achievement of total wellness.
  • Contribute towards  promoting physical fitness, traditional culture, values  to the society. 


  • Wholesome development of personality of an individual. 
  • A Maximum number of students participating in selected sports.
  • To understand the need and importance of Physical Education and sports in life.
  • Mental health and emotional well-being.
  • To promote healthy practices of an individual.
  • Builds physical efficiency in an individual through the development of the various organ systems of the body

Faculty Member

Roopathi M