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College is an important link in our educational system and its library plays a vital role in the meaningful development of higher education. Education today plays great emphasis on the use of libraries, especially in the field of higher education. The use of Libraries institutes in students a desire to acquire knowledge and helps them in gaining information, thereby updating the standard of education. 

A Brief History
Besant women’s college library was started along with the founding of the institution in 1977. The library is housed in a spacious hall at the basement area of the main block in a central position. At present we have total collection of more than 42,253 books. We follow Dewey decimal classification system and Brown- charging system. The Library extends its services not only to the students and the staff members but also to the old students.Students are given two borrowers tickets and one reference card at the beginning of the academic year. 

"Books are for Use and Service is our Motto,Duty before pleasure is our aim."
Every student will be given 2 borrower’s cards at the beginning of the year on the basis of which she can borrow two books at a time. All books borrowed from the library shall be returned on or before the due date mentioned. A fine of Rs 0.50  will be imposed on every additional day’s delay.

Books are issued twice in a week on the following days:

  • Monday and Thursday: for Final Year Students
  • Tuesday and Friday: for Second Year Students.
  • Wednesday and Saturday: for First Year Students. 
  • All the working days for PG Students 

Book bank service:
Book bank facility is given to poor and deserving students. They can keep the book for the whole academic year and they should return the books after the completion of their university exams. At present we have 4,184 text books in our book bank section.

The following are other services rendering to the readers community.

  • Reference service
  • User orientation 
  • Inter library loan
  • Reprography service
  • News clipping service
  • Overnight service
  • Current awareness service
  • Access to N-List and J-Gate Resources 
  • DSpace: Digital Repository
  • Book Exhibition: We conduct Book Exhibition every year to bring awareness among the users.
  • New Arrivals: Latest Books are displayed to draw the attention of the users to be aware of the latest publications. 
  • OPAC: Easylib Library software is installed in our library. Users can access the catalogue through OPAC.

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