Department of Kannada

Vision: Inculcating love and affection in mother tongue. Developing the language and culture in the minds of young youths of Karnataka.

Mission: To create a feeling of affection towards our regional language among the students by narrating the different aspects of Kannada language and literature

Objectives of the Department

  • To enhance the ability to understand and listen.
  • To enhance the ability to speak meaningfully
  • To be able to make meaningful sentences
  • To enhance the ability of experiential learning in grammar
  • To develop personality through enhancement of language
  • To develop pride and respect for language and culture of the land of kannada
  • To develop strength and love for kannada literature
  • To instill the importance of competitive exams in Optional and genral kannada
  • To understand and develop the ability to love the beauty life and literature.

Faculty Members

Jnaneshwari M.
Raviraj S.