Department of Mathematics


Strong Mathematical background has always been fundamentally important for all students. The Department of Mathematics is a vibrant, innovative unit committed to teaching.

Its aim to:

  • Make students research oriented in the subject of Mathematics.
  • To establish a unique identity for the institute amongst National and International Academic and Research Organizations through knowledge creation, acquisition and dissemination for the benefit of Society and Humanity.


To generate high quality human and knowledge resources in Mathematics and in emerging areas to make valuable contribution in Mathematics for social and economic development of the nation and to make organised efforts for identification, monitoring and control of objective attributes of quality for continuous enhancement of academic processes.


  • Use appropriate mathematical concepts and skills to solve problems in both familiar and unfamiliar situations including those in real life contexts.
  • Select and apply general rules correctly to solve problems in applicable mathematics.
  • Know and demonstrate understanding of the concepts from the important branches of Mathematics.

Faculty Members

Praveen Kamath M