Department of History


The History Department aims to make the students aware of the past and its legacies through teaching, research and extension activities in Indian history in the context of world history. We believe that only a critical understanding of the past will enable the students to understand the present and help them look towards the future.


  • Transform the students into citizens who are critically informed about the past and its consequences for the present
  • Promote studies in history, society and culture in general and Indian history in particular
  • Empower students to cope with the challenges of globalization by instilling in them a life-long passion for learning about the past. The knowledge about the interconnections between the global, national, regional and local history will equip the students to face the challenges with confidence.

Core Values of the Department:

  • Understanding of the past through a complex process of critical dialogue with historians and historical sources.
  • Mutual trust and respect among historians.
  • Belief in honoring the integrity of the historical record.
  • The pursuit of scholarship in regional and local History.
  • Rigorous academic and research environment.

Faculty Members

Ganesh Pai N