Investor Awareness Programme: Dept of Commerce

November 10, 2022

The department of Commerce and Business Administration sponsors an ‘Investor Awareness Programme’ in collaboration with Mangalore University Commerce Teachers’ Association (MUCTA) on 10th Nov 2022. This event is held in Besant Women’s College Auditorium.

At 9:40 am, the event’s inauguration had begun with a prayer and a welcome speech. Welcomed by Dr. Praveen K.C were the management, the principal, the instructors, and the students.

The event’s chief guest, Prof. Dejamma lighted the lamp to inaugurate and start the proceedings before giving a motivating address.

The purpose of setting up this programme was to inform the students about the significance of investing in women. Some benefits of investment knowledge include increased career opportunities, financial freedom, and women’s empowerment.

Dr. Sathish Kumar Shetty, the principal, gave the presidential address and urged the students to make sensible investments rather than just save money.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Mr. Syed Kahdar, the IQAC Co-ordinator, who expressed sincere appreciation for everyone’s participation and the advice that the more you learn, the more money you’ll make.

Financial literacy was the topic of the opening technical session. Mr. Naveen Rego, SEBI Rgd. CTP, is a resource person. The session started out with a good mood and excited students. While a few questions were asked, the students enthusiastically responded.

He had exhorted everyone to keep learning. The resource person, Mr. Naveen Rego, had discussed how crucial it is for a person to grasp personal financial management in order to keep budgeting and make wise decisions with their financial resources.

Mr. Naveen separated the idea of financial literacy into two categories: fraudulent factors and behavioural characteristics. Three cases were included in the behavioural component to illustrate the value of investing and saving for the future. He emphasised the value of real estate, PPFs, and the significance of knowing the fundamentals of taxation. The fraudulent aspect highlighted the value of becoming knowledgeable about the various financial product regulators.

To avoid friendship and financial commitment, he advised against financing purchases. He has advised keeping a single email address and phone number so that you can get all the information at once. He had discussed the urgent need to raise awareness of the good and bad practises in our community with regard to financial matters in order to prevent fraud, financial exploitation of fraud by providing links to invade personal information, and to alert the elderly of such financial frauds.

He placed a strong emphasis on understanding money management and being on the lookout for financial scams. After wishing the students well, he continued by answering their questions about financial literacy. This helped to allay the doubts of both the lecturers and the students. He discussed the inadequacy of people's budget management skills in it, as well as the significance of saving because it is the foundation for future investments.

For the students, it was a fantastic and instructive experience. Since few people are aware of everything that goes into investments and all of their facets, it helps to increase knowledge of and interest in investing.