Study tour to Pilikula Regional Science Centre: Dept. of MSc (FSN)

March 25, 2022

A study tour to Pilikula Regional Science Centre was organized for the students of 1st and 2nd M.Sc Food Science and Nutrition on 25th March 2022, by the department of P.G Studies in Food Science and Nutrition, Besant Women’s College.

The purpose of the study tour was to give a glimpse of various branches of science to the students and enhance their knowledge. The Pilikula Regional Science Centre consists of a science block, planetarium, and outdoor science park. The science block consisted of 3 major sections namely biodiversity, frontiers of technology, and fun science.

The biodiversity gallery mainly focused on various concepts related to earth in the form of still and working models like biodiversity in soil and air, vertical gardening, different types of ecosystems, evolution, genetic engineering, DNA model, information on various scientists like Charles Darwin, August Weismann, Gregor Mendel and their contribution to science, nutrient cycles, concepts of microbiology which was very informative for the students.

The fun science gallery displayed various concepts of physics and mathematics which were depicted in a very fun and easily understandable way of working models. It consisted of concepts related to the Pythagoras theorem, the effect of the magnetic field, the effect of gravity, the effect of light and sound waves, Doppler’s effect, and so on.

The frontiers of the technology gallery consisted of the latest discoveries and inventions in the field of science like working windmills, solar panels, nanotechnology, rocket science, tidal energy, genetically modified foods, stem cells, artificial intelligence, rockets, and satellites in form of working models.

The outdoor science park had 36 models which depicted the concept of science in an interesting way. The students thrillingly experienced the journey to Mars in the form of a 2D movie and also the astronomy and different constellations.

The students even observed the traditional method of oil extraction and rice pounding in the artisan village of the Pilikula Nisargadama.

Overall the study tour enriched the students’ knowledge of various concepts of science and technology.