Kumaraparvatha Trekking: Environmental Club

December 27, 2022

The environmental cell organized two days trekking to kumaraparvatha subrahmanya (26& 27-12-2022). Kumaraparvatha is highest peak in Pushpagiri wildlife sanctuary in Western Ghats of Karnataka. The trek covers 22 Km over two days. On day one, the students travelled a distance of nearly 7-8 Km to Girigadde where they halted overnight. On day two, early morning the students covered a distance of 13 Km from Girigadde to Sheshaparvatha and Kumaraparvatha. This trek was an opportunity for students to be close to nature. They got glimpses of the Western Ghats and an early sunrise on the chilly mountains.


In this strenuous yet adventurous trip, the students learned

  1. Team work
  2. To set out of once comfort zone
  3. To being one with the nature