Green Day 2019: Innovation Club

September 21, 2019

The Innovation club organized “GreenDay” celebration on 21st September 2019 to bring awareness among thestudent about environmental protection, plastic ban and effect of deforestation.All the students and staff were present in the college ground with green sareeor dress. The Principal Dr. Sathish Kumar Shetty made the students to say a fewslogans on Nature, Trees and Environmental Consciousness. Prof Ranjini, theDirector of Innovation Club made the students and staff to take a pledge toprotect our environment, plant trees, save water and reduce pollution to keepour Earth green. On account of this” Best Photography” class wise competition wasconducted where in the students holding a plant have to click a photo with theirmentors and tutors and hard copy should be submitted. All the students, mentorsand tutors actively participated in this competition and made a day grand success.
GreenDay2019) (1).JPG
The result of the competition is as follows:
I Prize- 2nd B.Com(2 Batch)
II Prize- 2nd B.Com (1 Batch) and 3rd B.A
III Prize- 3rd B.Com (3 Batch)
Consolation prize - 3rd B.Com (2 Batch) and 2ndB.Sc (FND)
The class representatives tookthe responsibility of preserving the plants belonging to their class