Educational Visit to Manipal Museum of Anatomy and Pathology (MAPS): Dept. of MSc (FSN)

April 9, 2022

An educational visit to Manipal Museum of Anatomy and Pathology (MAPS), KMC, Manipal was organised for the students of 1st M.Sc Food Science and Nutrition on 09th April 2022, by the department of P.G Studies in Food Science and Nutrition, Besant Women’s college. The purpose of the visit was to give practical exposure to normal and pathological conditions of human body as an add on to the aspects they study in human physiology. The students observed the anatomy section of the museum which houses well-preserved specimens of all parts of a human body with well framed descriptions of various systems of the human body for a better understanding. The students also observed the section on comparative anatomy that comprises of the skeletons of various other animals, and carefully crafted models. The students found the pathology museum of particular interest since it displays diseased body parts and organs. The students also found the section on life-style related diseases, and their impact on the human body interesting. Another section which caught the attention of the students was the teratology section where specimens of various developmental anomalies in developing foetus such as spina bifida, anencephaly, etc were preserved.

The section pertaining to cardiovascular system, digestive system and nervous system provided a broad-spectrum on the components of the body system and the variation it undergoes in the pathological conditions.

The well-structured and organized museum enabled the students to observe more than 1000 specimens in the museum which helped them strengthen their knowledge on the anatomy of the human body and importance of health and how lifestyle related diseases can increase the mortality rates. The visit helped the students to have a better understanding on physiological components of the human body and gave a better idea on the outcomes of the pathological conditions.