Equal Opportunity Cell

Core Objective:
The college has always preserved the legacy of imparting Higher Education to all the sections of society.   Admission policy of our college  being  inclusive reflects the diversity of the students.  Despite this,  equal opportunity cell  ensures counselling,  providing  guidance to the students and help them to avail social welfare schemes.  The cell works in coordination with   SC/ST Cell,  NSS, Besant Chair, Entrepreneurship Development Cell and Women Cell to cater to the needs of SC/ST/Disability abled persons/Minority students and promote equity.

The Secondary objectives of the cell are:
To conduct student centric programmes, which creates the conducive atmosphere of Equal opportunity.
To sensitize the current academic community issues and challenges; and ways to address aspirations of the marginalized communities
To help individual/a group of students belonging to the disadvantaged section of society to counter the problems related to discrimination.
To establish co-ordination with the Govt and other agencies/organizations to mobilize academic and financial resources. to provide assistance to students of disadvantaged groups.
To provide entrepreneurial Development skills for promoting employability talents
To render adequate help and services in finance, academics and social integrity programmes
To sensitize the college on the problems of SC/ST/disability abled persons/transgenders and other disadvantaged groups
To organize periodic meeting and monitor the programmes of different schemes
To ensure adherence of roaster system  in the Admission, Recruitment (Teaching and Non-teaching post) and to improve their performance

Advisory Committee

Chairman                   :            Dr. Sathish Kumar Shetty P (Principal)

Three members         :           Dr. Prashuram G Malage (Advisor)
                                                  Mrs. Chanchalakshi
                                                  Mr. Raviraj