Besant Group of Institutions, Mangaluru

International Webinar on "Coping with Covid-19 with a Perfect and Balanced Mind": Dept. of SP & C.Sc

July 3, 2020

The Department of Secretarial Practice and The Department of Computer Science joined hands to create another memorable, information filled International Webinar titled “Coping with Covid-19 with a Perfect and Balanced Mind “., on July 03, 2019.

Three Eminent Resource Persons were selected for the purpose.

The First one to use this opportunity was Dr. Jo, Pinakka, Memphis Nephrology Associates, Nephrologist and Transplant Nephrologist, CEO American Academy of Yoga and Meditation Board of Trustee, Yoga university of America, Spoke on the topic Exiting out of Nervousness during Pandemic Crisis. The Talk was informative and was supported by easy to understand PowerPoint Slides.

The Second Resource Person Dr. Shreesha M, Faculty of Applied Media, Higher Colleges of Technologies, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He Spoke on the Topic “Traditional Classes to Online Classes – The Paradigm Shift”. He explained in dpth in a lucid manner how Time can be utilized in this Pandemic Crisis and how the attention of the students can be retained during the online Classes. To summarise, he talked about everything to make Online Classes interesting.

The Third Resource Person, Dr Vandana Pandit spoke about the Crucial handling of Students Taking up Online Courses. She highlighted the fact that Counselling was essential to the students who attend virtual Classes just like we do for the regular College Attending Students. She also stressed on mental exercises to done to cope with Covid-19. This will help to reduce Panic and Stress.

Prof. Hemalatha, earlier welcomed the Gathering, and Best Wishes were given by the Secretary, Women’s National Education Society & Correspondent , BWC Shri Devanand Pai and the Principal, Dr. Sathish Kumar Shetty P.

The Guests were Introduced by Prof. Ranjini Ms. Shaila Kamath and Prof. Vidya Bhat. Ms. Shaila Kamath also took active, Responsible job of Creating Groups on the Social Media WhatsApp and was in continuous Communication with the Virtual Participants.

To view the session video, click the link given below Webinar_2020_SP&CSc (6).jpeg