Besant Group of Institutions, Mangaluru

BEQUEST & INNOVISION-Day 1 (Inauguration): 2019-2020

February 4, 2020

The nature is fulfilling human needs, but when we compel it to provide for our greed it will be destroyed. Hence a responsible behaviour on the part of the citizens alone can save the nature said, Dr. Priyadarshni Rai D’souza, Director, Modern Medical Centre & Harsha Diagnostic Centre, she was speaking after inaugurating two- day inter collegiate UG/PG, Talent fest Bequest-2020 at Besant Women’s College Auditorium.  Regarding the theme of the fest environmental preservation she said, the citizens without concern for the nature will fail in handling over a healthy life for the generations to come but they will make the life of the future generation miserable by exploiting nature to the fullest now.  She called for nature preservation by taking interest in growing plants, reducing the use of plastics, using the alternate source of energy, using public transport etc. 

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Another guest, Ln. Jayapraksha MJF, Assistant Director, Agriculture Department Karkala, speaking on the occasion said, now the citizens all over the world are at the pinnacle of worldly pleasures that was possible by exploiting the nature, but soon the globe will not be the same wonderful place due to eruption of natural calamities, forest fire, change in the season time table and extreme weather conditions.  These dreadful situations arise because of global warming and uncontrolled pollution. Hence, each citizen must be aware of his/her duty to the nature.

Sri. K. Devananda Pai, College correspondent, who was on the dias said, responsible handling of the nature is the only way to preserve nature. Sri. Kudpi Jagadish Shenoy, President, WNES who preside over the inaugural ceremony wished the participants well.  Dr. Sathish Kumar Shetty. P. Principal welcomed, Prof. Meera Edna Coelho, the  student welfare officer introduced the guests.  and student council president for UG, Ms. Swathi Rao thanked, Student leader for PG, Ms. Dipna Shetty was on the stage.

In the ‘two-day fest’ competitions like, Serenity Awakening (Dance and Drama), Shoot Do Edit (Picture feature), Word Weaver (Creative Writing), Thrash Splendour (Best Out of Waste), Marshmello (Creative Mask), Bio Shield (Wall Painting), EcoGeek (Human Resource), EcoFunds (Finance), Eco porium (Marketing) are organized for degree students in ‘REVIVE’ Fest. For Degree Science student MEDHASs Fest competitions are Mathopedia, Technova, Chem-Alliance, Stat Mania, Physyana, Fun Foods, Jumanji, Vibrant, and Ambrosia will be held. For M.Com students INNOVISION Fest competitions are Panthera Leo, Bos Taurus, Formicidae, Canis Lupos, Hieraatus Spilogaster and for M.Sc. students SCIENTIA fest events are  Foodography, Camouflage, Connect To Chance, Loudspeaker will be held.

In both (UG & PG) sections total 53 colleges have taken part in the fest.

SCIENTIA Valedictory:

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